Elric Kane

Role: Editor

Kane is a filmmaker from Wellington, New Zealand who graduated with an M.F.A in Film and Video Production from The Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia. He was Co-Producer, Cinematographer and Editor on "I Think I’m Going," which premiered at the New Zealand International Film Festival in 2003. This was closely followed by co-directing the digital-feature films "Murmurs" in 2004, and "Kissy Kissy" in 2007, which also screened at the New Zealand International Film Festival. Kane has recently completed editing a feature length documentary about underground filmmakers in his hometown of Wellington which he hopes to screen early in 2010. In addition to the digital features, he has screened various experimental short films and videos at festivals, including "Glass Traps" at the 2006 Boston Underground Film Festival, and "Girl Yawning" at the 2005 PXL Film Festival in Los Angeles. He has also shot digital short films for various directors, including "The City By Her" in Istanbul, Turkey in August 2005, and "Ever Amado" which premiered at the 2007 Berlin Film Festival and the 2009 Latino Film Festival in Toronto. For the last two years he has been teaching 16mm Film Production and Cinema Aesthetic classes at Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois. This experience has given him the chance to experiment with his craft and deepen his knowledge and interest in cinema both through instruction and practice.