Jay Wynne

Role: VFX's & Sound Design

Born: 02.16.1981
Hometown: Plymouth, MA
College: Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA
Major: Computer Arts/Digital Media and Sound Design
Minor: Music
Currently living in Atlanta, GA

Professional experience: company three squared for the past 2 years doing 3D design and animation, motion graphics, sound design, music editing and creation. prior to that worked and interned at Soapbox Studios in Atlanta,GA for 2 years doing music recording, sound design, tape op, 3D graphics and animation, and design work During free time i work under the name AFTER, doing freelance design, animation, consulting, and music Experienced in areas of 3D animation and effects using MAYA software, in combination with After Effects and Shake tools as well as Sound Design, Music comp and editing and recording Drums are my main instrument of choice and i have played and toured in professional bands since 2000. Combining and having a understanding of both the visual and sonic spectrum allow me to have a better understanding of the work overall, and in doing so allows me to create a more tightly integrated piece of work that has an awareness of both. The presentation and execution of the work is also more harmonious in most cases. In my understanding it is very hard for a piece of work to truly reach its full potential without the careful application of both disciplines. It is also very rewarding for me when working in either medium. Examples of recent work can be found here:
and here:
a.f.t.e.r thank you j